Lachlan Hawkins – Handpan Music 

No Enemy Within – Handpan Premiere Concert

Lachlan’s interest in the handpan (and the “Hang” designed by PanArt in Switzerland) began at the end of high school when he discovered artists such as Hang Massive and Daniel Waples on YouTube. In recent years, Lachlan began improvising and composing with two ‘steel tongue drums’; however, only more recently has he acquired a handpan.

With the “Hang” being designed in the year 2000, the handpan family of instruments are very young, which means artists all around the world are continually discovering new techniques & methods of playing.

“I feel very drawn to this freedom of expression: to approach the handpan with a child-like curiosity. No rules, no boundaries… just to be absorbed by the beautiful sound of the instrument and play.”  

Since acquiring his handpan, Lachlan has begun performing in both solo and improvised settings. This has seen him perform at Paint It Red (Jugglers Arts Space), the Brisbane Jazz Club with pianist/composer Sophie Min, the Queensland Conservatorium with percussionist Tsoof Baras, and more recently, the release of a live album entitled No Enemy Within. Lachlan is a core member of the Stairwell Project at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital, a music therapy initiative aimed to lift the spirits of staff, patients & visitors by integrating live music into the building. You can read more about the project here:


Lachlan Hawkins – Live at the Brisbane Jazz Club

Link to Lachlan’s handpan audio & video recordings:


SoundStruck is a Brisbane based percussion group dedicated to delivering high impact and entertaining percussion music with visual effects. The group has performed at the ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup, 2015 NRL Semifinals, The Toowoomba Food Wine and Flower Festival and has been invited to perform at various festivals and corporate functions across the world. SoundStruck is most well known for their paint drumming performance ‘Etna’ and continues to bring engaging performances to their growing YouTube presence.

The group has released 3 video productions of their pieces and each one combines a different aspect of visual effects to the music and their energetic movement.

The first video, ‘Etna’, was inspired by the Blue Man Group and choreorgraphed shows like STOMP. It has seen SoundStruck perform at the Toowoomba Food, Wine and Flower Festival,  and Paint it Red: SKINS. ‘Etna’ has also sparked inquiries from the X Music festival in Wales, Colorado School of Mines, Game Show Networks’ “Skin Wars” and other national and international product launches and corporate events.