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Lachlan Hawkins – Handpan Music 

No Enemy Within – Handpan Premiere Concert

Lachlan’s interest in the handpan (and the “Hang” designed by PanArt in Switzerland) began at the end of high school when he discovered artists such as Hang Massive and Daniel Waples on YouTube. With the “Hang” being designed in the year 2000, the handpan family of instruments are very young, which means artists all around the world are continually discovering new techniques & methods of playing.

“I feel very drawn to this freedom of expression: to approach the handpan with a child-like curiosity. No rules, no boundaries… just to be absorbed by the beautiful sound of the instrument and play.”  

Intrigued by this steel sound sculpture, Lachlan began a new journey as an artist, exploring song writing and the beautiful, uplifting sounds of the handpan.  Lachlan has shared his original handpan music at venues & events including the Brisbane Jazz Club, Brisbane City Hall, Tablelands Folk Festival, Palm Creek Folk Festival, PanOz Festival, the 2018 QUBE Effect and the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital. Following a successful interstate album launch tour of  “No Enemy Within” in 2018, Lachlan was awarded Highly Commended in both the Jazz and World/Folk categories at the 2019 Queensland Music Awards.

Lachlan’s latest studio album ‘No Enemy Within’ sees him step away from his comfort zone of the drums to explore his own voice as a songwriter together with the meditative sounds of the handpan. With the handpan still growing as an artform, the album invites listeners to experience a sound that has been explored very little in this part of the world. The healing tones of the instrument are the centrepiece of this recording; however, the uplifting messages of the album – and themes of family, self-acceptance, presence and loss – have been brought to life by some of Australia’s finest young musicians including New York-based vocalist Olivia Chindamo and Jo Davie, a rising star in the national folk landscape.

The recording process itself has been close to a 3-year collaboration with renowned Brisbane producer Steve Thornely (Georgia Mae, Christian Patey, Isabel); together, they have crafted new ways of recording this rare instrument and have created an accessible collection of music that appeals to people from all walks of life and musical tastes – particularly folk and world music lovers, jazz enthusiasts and supporters of sound healing and meditation-like soundscapes.

Link to Lachlan’s handpan audio & video recordings:


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