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NO ENEMY WITHIN (2018) | Debut Studio Handpan Album

Lachlan Hawkins is thrilled to announce the release of his debut studio handpan album entitled “No Enemy Within”, recorded between July 2015 – February 2018 at Palace Studios in collaboration with renowned Brisbane producer Steve Thornely.

Over the last 7 years, Lachlan has called the drum kit ‘home’, performing as a sideman with some of the country’s finest musicians including James Morrison, Peter Combe, Elly Hoyt, Melissa Western and the Queensland Pops Orchestra. However, No Enemy Within marks the start of Lachlan’s new path as an artist, exploring songwriting and the intriguing sounds of the 21st-century Swiss-made steel sound sculpture known as the ‘handpan’. With the handpan still growing as an artform, the album invites listeners to experience a sound that has been explored very little in this part of the world. The healing tones of the instrument are the centrepiece of this recording; however, the uplifting messages of the album – and themes of family, self-acceptance, presence and loss – have been brought to life by some of Australia’s finest young musicians including New York-based vocalist Olivia Chindamo and Jo Davie, a rising star in the national folk landscape. The recording process itself has been close to a 3-year collaboration with renowned Brisbane producer Steve Thornely; together, they have crafted new ways of recording this rare instrument and have created an accessible collection of music that appeals to people from all walks of life and musical tastes – particularly folk and world music lovers, jazz enthusiasts and supporters of sound healing and meditation-like soundscapes.

Lachlan Hawkins – Saraz Handpans, Pi Handpan, voice, drums & percussion

Sophie Min – piano
Tsoof Baras – handpan
Olivia Chindamo – voice
Jo Davie – voice
Daniel Lopez – violin
Simon Svoboda – cello

ALBUM RELEASE DATE: Tuesday June 26th via iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms.


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