"No Enemy Within" out now!

June 5, 2018

No Enemy Within – SINGLE now live on iTunes!

The lead single off my upcoming studio handpan album “No Enemy Within” is now live on iTunes!

Thank you to all the amazing people involved who have helped me get to this point:

The musicians: Tsoof Baras, Sophie Min, Olivia Chindamo, Jo Davie, Daniel Lopez & Simon Svoboda – Thank you for your incredible musical contributions to the album, and thank you for accepting this project with an open mind and a willingness to explore.

To my producer Steve Thornely: Thank you for your leadership, friendship and patience along every step of the way, and for diving into the unknown with such enthusiasm, clarity and focus.To my photographer Danny McShane, videographer Jonathan Brazil and artwork designer Sai Karlen, you have all helped immensely in contributing to my creative vision – thank you again, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you.

And a huge thank you to my family, to Mijo Biscan for your continued mentorship and guidance, and to my close friends for all your support.

Keep your eyes peeled for the full whole album release on TUES 26th June.

Now go and enjoy the track – link below!

Click to stream and download now!

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May 24, 2018

2018 QUBE Effect – Music Video & People’s Choice Award!

Hi guys!

I’m really excited to share this live music video of my song “No Enemy Within” which was recorded as part of the 2018 QUBE Effect. I’m a finalist in this songwriting/emerging artist competition this year and in the running for some awards – one of which being the People’s Choice Award given to the act/video with the most votes.

To vote, follow these steps:

1. Follow the link in the description of the YouTube video or visit
2. Click on my thumbnail on the list of entries
3. Put in your name & email… and that’s it! 

Music certainly isn’t a competition and that’s not the reason I’m doing this but I’m really thankful for the opportunity to film the lead single from the album, to work with some amazing creatives, and to play with these incredible musicians and friends of mine.

This is a new path and a new sound for me – I hope you find some meaning in this song & I hope you enjoy the video! I’m so happy with how it turned out – the creative team involved have done a wonderful job of capturing the message of the song.

Sophie Min – piano
Tsoof Baras – drum kit, voice
Simon Svoboda – cello
and myself – voice, Saraz (E Minor) & Pi (G Minor)

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March 22, 2018

No Enemy Within – Studio Handpan Album OUT SOON!

I’m excited to announce that my debut studio handpan album No Enemy Within is approaching the finish line! After more than 2 and a half years in the studio collaborating with my producer Steve Thornely, we have finished tracking, mixing and I now have the reference master tracks in my hand.

This album release has been a long time coming but I’m very glad that I have not rushed this process. It has been an immense learning experience for me to spend so much time and energy in the studio crafting my original songs and I seriously cannot wait to share the sounds with you – I think you’re going to absolutely love it!

Lachlan Hawkins – Saraz Handpans, Pi Handpan, voice, drums & percussion

Sophie Min – piano
Tsoof Baras – handpan
Olivia Chindamo – voice
Jo Davie – voice
Daniel Lopez – violin
Simon Svoboda – cello

Recorded & Produced by Steve Thornely at Palace Studios (July 2015 – February 2018)

Thank you to these incredible musicians for all the time and energy you have invested into my music – you’ve added so much to the album and this really wouldn’t be possible without you – I’m so grateful that you were a part of this journey.

ALBUM RELEASE DATE: May 2018 (release date & album launch to be announced)

In the next week, I’ll also be launching a Pozible campaign to help me get over the line with mastering and touring costs. The album has been self-funded up to this point but I’m after your support to help secure some funds that will put me in the best position to get this music out to as many people as possible.

I’ll keep you posted with a link when the Pozible campaign goes live (TUES 27 March), however in the meantime, please have a look at the first album promo video which has been beautifully put together by Jonathan Brazil.

No Enemy Within PROMO #1 –

There’ll be more updates on my YouTube channel so please subscribe there if you’d like to keep updated on the release, and please help me spread the word!!


June 2, 2017

“Fight ‘Til I’m Home” dedicated to Raphael Skene

“Fight ‘Til I’m Home”
Music and lyrics written by Lachlan Hawkins. Dedicated to Raphael Skene.

Many in the Brisbane music community felt the impact of losing such a beautiful, caring, fearless, big-hearted friend and teacher in Raph. I wrote this song in early 2015 – after her passing – as a way for me to express my feelings and reactions to everything that had happened with Raph’s cancer battle, and to honour her fighting spirit. Her blog entries gave us a glimpse into the pain and hardship she was experiencing during every waking moment; the rawness of her words really affected me emotionally so I felt drawn to include some of these phrases from Raph’s blog entries throughout the song.

Raph was an absolute fighter and an inspiration to so many around her, even during her weakest and darkest moments. Always in my thoughts, Raph.

Home’s where I want to be,
Far away from this place,
Take me back to those memories I cherish,
No more pain, just living life freely

Four walls have become my new home,
No escape, growing weary of the same,
Though I’m tired, you can’t keep me stranded here,
I’m not giving up, gonna fight ’til I’m home

I’m afraid this dark passenger won’t leave me,
Please leave me ’cause I’ve just had enough,
I wanna move on, ready to move on,
I am strong, I am, I am home

Won’t stop fighting ’til I’m home

This performance was recorded live at the Brisbane Jazz Club, 15th January 2017, featuring…

Lachlan Hawkins – voice
Sophie Min – piano
Tsoof Baras – backing vocals

Mark Smith | Real Productions – live sound & mixing
Jonathan Brazil – videography

*Headphones recommended*